LOOKS . AstroMan
PERFORMANCE . Phenomenal
HANDLING . Flatfish
STEREO . Needs More
HEADS TURNED . Future Types
EMOTION . AstroNut
CACHET . Serious


Sticker . $28,849power
0 to 60 . 7 to 8 sec.
Test Mileage . 18.3 mpg
Seating . 2 + 2
Trunk . 8.2 cubic feet
Parking . Earth to Moon

Blade Runner

Now for something entirely fresh, a big fast GT, with a low mean stance, serious power and room for 4. Check it twice because it is hard to believe the name on this bustle backed rocket ship says Subaru. The SVX is their showcase model, putting a shine on the advanced 4 wheel drive system Subaru has developed and presenting a very progressive face to the world, courtesy of Ital Design. Introduced at he start of the decade, stylewise, the world has yet to catch this defiantly different coupe. The appearance is no sham though, even details like the unusual side windows work well in practice and the SVX has astounding space inside for such a sleek, low rider. A space place indeed, with a secret panel stereo and full seating for four. The standard upholstery was a bit predictable and out of place in something this slinky, but leather is available.

The SVX is something of a Japanese Porsche, or at least as close as the Subaru people can come to that. It offers very advanced engineering and a cost no object approach to going fast in style and safety. Unfortunately, it appears to have been a weight no object either development program, and for all its power and grace, the SVX is heavy. This limits ultimate performance to a cut below the real go-fast stuff, but does provide a cush highway ride and rock solid feel in the straight-aways.

Brakes get an A and the ground effects low SVX hung on tight at over 125 one evening when I was certainly a bit looser than usual. The secure feeling at that extended velocity told me a great deal about how genuine the SVX is. No poser GT this, a real fine car. Not for every taste perhaps, but unlike any other offering in the marketplace. Faster than most 4 seaters and wilder than many of the sports cars, built to last. For those on a budget there is a lighter 2WD version, but no manual transmission to take full advantage of the mighty mill. Too bad.

For my toast, the SVX makes a lot more sense than some pure two seater like the Corvette, R-X7 or Supra. No not as nimble, but as quick over distance and certainly less tiring. A long trip roadster with weekend written all over it and a very individual statement.