SAAB 900 Convertible

LOOKS . Sexy
HANDLING . Road Sucker
COMFORT . Euro Cool
QUALITY . Tomorrowland
STEREO . Operatic
GADGET FACTOR . Commanding
EMOTION . Passion
CACHET . Sweet RIde


Sticker . $39,900.
Power . 185 horsepower
0 to 60 . 6 to 7 sec.
Test Mileage . 21.1 mpg
Seating . 4 +1
Trunk . 12.5 cubic feet
Parking . Prominent


The SAAB convertible has always been one of my favorites and I looked forward to charting the progress of this all-new version. Quite a chart! Cuteness first. The new shape is a surefire singles magnet. Curvy, sultry, and entirely seductive, it speaks fluent hibrow, with an intriguing swedish accent. Richly red, our test unit drew all the attention I could bear and far too many pestering requests to hand over the keys. Sorry, this one's all mine. A real sensation. Just the ticket for morale boosting or a profile upgrade.

Jazzy "Viking Aero" mags, with boldly shaped tri-spokes snug up to the tarmac with wide roller performance tires, all set to tango on the coast highway. Exciting visuals. Slip into the ultra black leather lined interior and glance approvingly at the California walnut dash (crafted from trees specially cultivated for this purpose according to SAAB). One button and some sophisticated whirring and folding is all that separates you and that special someone from the moon & stars. The top retracts with a cyber efficiency that is very impressive and tucks itself under a hard boot that leaves the lines even sleeker than before. This is no mere "top" by the way. Three layers, an insulating air space and a full liner provide the sensation of a quiet, closed coupe when the weather dictates its erection.

Fire it up and blast off. The turbo mixmaster provides a real jolt when the power comes in. Passing is a fast blast. This is a fussy powerplant, which requires your constant attention for maximum enjoyment, but a non-turbo 4 or V6 are also available for less involved driving styles. Ride, handling and general deportment follow the finest European road car fashion, with a firm but well damped ride, razor sharp steering and oodles of adhesion available.

The 160 watt stereo will toast your senses which is a good thing since the heater was curiously marginal, an unforgivable sin in a convertible. Seat heaters help out, but are no substitute for the missing BTUs. Dress warm.

A dreamboat that delivers a sensual and status laden experience to you and your 3 best friends on a special afternoon or evening. Truly unique.