LOOKS . Orbital
PERFORMANCE . Passionate
HANDLING . Athletic
AMBIANCE . Practical
COMFORT . Sporting
QUALITY . Excellent
STEREO . Powerful
EMOTION . Road Lust
CACHET . Adrenalizer


Sticker . $62,285.
Power . 270 horsepower
0 to 60 . 5 to 6 sec.
Test Mileage . 20.3 mpg
Seating . 2 + 2
Trunk . 4 = 6 est. cubic feet
Parking . Dazzling


There is nothing like a Porsche 911. The experience, styling, design and engineering are utterly unique. Even Porsche has been unable to replace the 911 model with a worthy successor and as a result have continually refined and updated a basic chassis which dates back to the early sixties. The 1995 Carrera is the most thorough redo yet and succeeds in retaining all that is wonderful about this classic, while significantly improving everything else. Fast, ferocious, flashy and furious at speed the Carrera is a great car, fully competitive with any sports car on the planet.

Presence is awe inspiring and the cache' unmatched. The 911 boldly asserts wealth, power and success, conferring upon the driver an aura of invincible prowess and ultra chic. It glows in fire red, an increment more vivid than any red I have yet glimpsed. It squats precisely on huge tires and flows with motion and artfully sculpted steel. One is eager to take the road and most companions quite willing to hop in, no questions asked. While the body has come gracefully into the future, the interior is very reminiscent of the past. The dash, seats and details are very vintage, which is mostly a good thing. Bold, simple instruments and a lot of them. Thin, supportive seats, useful storage space including clever pockets under the armrests and a true +2 back seat, readily convertible to a generous luggage bin, complete an interior package superior in utility to any recent sports car. One can easily live with the 911 on a day to day basis and a long weekend's luggage can be packed without undue sacrifice. Control and instrument layout are not up to the latest ergonomic standards, but few serious flaws are apparent. Quiet and comfort are reasonable, air conditioning effective, the stereo robust but, lacking a proper antenna, weak
on FM reception. Overall a very nice place to move.

And move it does! 270 horsepower rockets the Carrera into the top rung of streetable iron with a vengeance and bravado. Direct, progressive acceleration will match anything on the open road and dust all manner of rolling Goliaths. Astonishing brakes peel speed. Adhesion is marvelous and all trace of the dreaded assiness of former 911's has vanished, except for an amusing bit of drift when really provoked. Steering is extremely tight and accurate. There is no faster, point to point car for American driving conditions.

In the final analysis the 911 has no peers, it just costs about $20K more than many interesting alternatives, and projects a very indiscreet profile.