MAZDA Millenia

LOOKS . Exquisite
QUALITY . Glistening
STEREO . Beautiful
HEADS TURNED . Sharp Dressers
EMOTION . Covetous
CACHET . Slicker


Sticker . $33,760
Power . 210 horsepower
0 to 60 . 7 to 8 sec.
Test Mileage . 22.6 mpg
Seating . 5
Trunk . 13.3 cubic feet
Parking . Sexy

Sexy Sailer

The Millenia is Mazda's shot at the luxury class and their aim is true. Designed and originally set to be marketed under an upscale alias, "Amati"; an expensive business concept that was scuttled before it hit these shores. As a result this special sedan now sells as a Mazda and the pricing is all the more reasonable, minus the additional overhead establishing a new marque entails. It may lack a status nameplate, but the Millenia packs some fine content and a wonderful essence. Let's lead with the look, which is ultra chic, ultra lush, burgundy pearl over soft taupe leather. Accent detail is closely tailored with slender body seams as straight as a chic pair of nylons. Sinuous thin lines wrap seductively over every surfce of the form. A flashy passer with a high poised tail, very attractive on a breezy day. Sharp and exotic.

Deluxe to the max in the soft world sphere that forms the 4 person cabin. Comfortable, if intimate, in the rear, the luggage had best be limited. Smashing dash, with newthink radio & ac sprouting big, simple, knob controls. Something about the space brings you out and softens the music and the whirlby of the freeway world. This is a nice place to be, and will continue to be so for a long time. A traveller.

Techwise, there is much to tout and talk about if you care. A strong, well set chassis can move fast when provoked, but lacks the crsip feel of a true road car. The ride is nonetheless, splendid. The G power is right on as well. Too fussy to explain; the "S" Millenia features a newtech Miller cycle engine which combines two intercoolers, a belt driven blower and trick valve timing to provide big ponies and small gas bills. A briliant ideas that works in this instance, the Millenia being truly fast and fairly frugal, but I'd wonder about the long term implications of such complications. (I'd lease mine.)

This is a really distinctive motorcar and a testiment to your fine taste. Well worth consideration and an extended drive before signing off on one of its competitors. A real value, too.