LOOKS . Ready to Pounce
HANDLING . Snug Hugger
AMBIANCE . Capsuloid
COMFORT . Smooth
STEREO . Soulful & Strong
FUN TO DRIVE . Profiler'
EMOTION . Road Love
CACHET . Spy Guy


Sticker . $18,155.
Power . 155 horsepower
0 to 60 . 9 to 10 sec.
Test Mileage . 22.9 mpg
Seating . 5
Trunk . 13 cubic feet
Parking . Slinky


A fresh equation and a very FAD car, the Avenger is a simple balance of great style, moderate price and peace of mind. You will find people taken with the form and take them with you to enjoy a relaxed and soothing cruise of indeterminate amount. You will smile when you see it and realize how well it expresses the concept of motion. You will endeavor to traverse long stretches of terra firma without a second thought. This is a touring car with a free spirit.

Chrysler's priorities placed on looks and value have created a nice package with a low ticket. Taken in the flesh, this sexy coupe exudes swagger and svelte motion. Very attractive.

A tastefully correct interior develops an airy, swoopy cockpit in graceful curves. Nice look, good feel and well-reclined seats, covered in gray poly with muted color specs. Nothing cheap or shoddy, pleasing lines and tones. The back seat is a wonderful cove, quite large enough for two, an unexpected plus in a coupe like this.

Twist it up and motor off, quietly with adequate thrust, pass with caution and enjoy the scenery. This cat is quite at ease in town and country. In motion, the Avenger is composed and competent, but lacks the fire an enthusiast would prefer. The just-enough V6 comes only with an automatic and there is a 5-speed DOHC 4 for the sporty types. Either way the Avenger moves out without an afterburner. Corners disappear without a tap on the brakes and the occasional rapid deceleration well taken care of. A sporting feel, if not particularly fast or exceptionally capable.

The Avenger is a city ride supreme with a wandering soul. A ticket to paradise (Montana) or a dash down the coast. Relaxing, confident transport, I particularly recommend it to young ladies looking for stylish modern acquisitions.