AUDI Cabriolet

LOOKS . Pearlescent
HANDLING . Fawning
AMBIANCE . Gravy Blue
COMFORT . Intimate
QUALITY . Duetschberger
STEREO . Romantic
HEADS TURNED . Mill Valley Girls
EMOTION . Seducement
CACHET . Fabriolet


Sticker . $37,695
Power . 172 horsepower
0 to 60 . 10 to 11 sec.
Test Mileage . 19.3 mpg
Seating . 2 + 2
Trunk . 6.6 cubic feet
Parking . Posh

Money Honey

A dreamy set of wheels, well-heeled, sublimely smooth and gleaming. Chic German cabriolets , like the VW Golf and BMW have always had an appealing cachet. This new Audi Cabriolet captures this feel well. Irresistably cute and compact, trimmed in taste and quality; nice blue canvas top, lots of convincing woodgrain layered on a navy suite of leather seating. Topless in an instant with pushbutton, self-folding magic, that snaps and tucks in a minute or so; twirlling the windows up & down at the same time to make it simple for you.

Spin off and we find a pleasant sense of power and a very compact size, creating a fun stratosphere out of the normal traffic patterns. A nice car to weave through city traffic and slide over the freeway. One feels catered and well served by the interior and its fittings. An air of class and polished technology. This ride is smooth.

The sticker is a stiff one, but the kicker is uniqeness. Unlike its more affordable cousins, you won't see your reflection in the rear view miror very often. The Audi cab is a very limited production model. Compared to the Golf, it's way more car; to the BMW 318 & 325 a softer alternative with a more luxurious air. The back seat is a pinched affair indeed and the boot mighty tiny, so foursomes are a limited indulgence. A nice car for couples and sunsets. This one will make fast friends and fun evenings. REXX TAYLOR