C70 Cabriolet

Shown, but not available for spinning, was one example of the upcoming convertible version of the C70. Suffice it to say we'll have more details later, but this looks like a perfect fit in the Audi Cabriolet, BMW 328, Saab 900 bracket. Price should match the $40-$45 K ticket required and the quality seems up to par. None of these cars has an overly flashy look, so the Volvo should meet head to head there as well. The interior is particularly attractive and safety well attended too by Volvo's SIPS, side impact protection system, and dual automatic roll bars behind the rear seats. Performance will certainly match the 6 cylinder competition with the turbo on boost and handling should lead the class, if they don't soften things up too much from the C70 coupe's tuning. Volvo's ace is in the back seat, which appears much more comfortable than the others, particularly so in regard to the Audi. Word is that C70 cabs will not be coming til '98, so start saving those greenbacks.